Burning Daylight? 7 Ways to Increase Your Time on the Water

Burning Daylight? 7 Ways to Increase Your Time on the Water

The fall equinox has come and gone—and with it go the seemingly endless days of summer. But don’t worry! The days may be shorter, but your fun on the water can go on and on.

See our top seven tips for extending your time on the water in today’s blog!

Get out on the water earlier

An easy way to spend more time on the water? The simplest solution is to simply get on your boat earlier on in the day! Many boaters will find that it’s a lot easier to start out in darker, cooler conditions and see the skies warm up throughout the morning (as opposed to ending the day in the dark). You won’t feel like the day is moving faster than you are… and the view, as the sun starts to come up and lighten your surroundings, is worth seeing up close! It’s like a reward for your effort in holding off on hitting the “snooze” button one time too many.

Add some flexible lighting to your boat

In addition to your boat’s built-in lighting, you might consider adding some flexible lighting options to your boat in the form of flashlights and dimmable lanterns or even string lights for a fun flair. The key is to not “over-light” your space, since too much lighting on board can desensitize your eyes to brightness and keep you from seeing other lights and boats on the water. Having a few spare lights on board, of course, will help make you feel more confident about staying on the water through twilight and beyond.

Fuel up… and double check

As always, be sure to double check that you have enough fuel for your journey. The rule of thumb is to break your fuel up into thirds—one third for getting there, one third for getting back, and the final third for backup.

Bundle up

Cool fall nights can sure sneak up on you! Even if you’re not in the least bit chilly in the morning or afternoon, stowing some warmer gear in an airtight container for later is always smart.

Catch the sunset

Make the most of trips that linger well into the evening by planning to catch the sunset! Even inland lake and river boaters can enjoy the sight by picking a clear, open vista that faces west. You can even make it a goal to find that much-coveted “green flash,” the bright flicker that’s been known to appear right as the sun dips under the horizon.

Pack a dinner to enjoy on board

Ensure that hunger doesn’t bring you back onshore earlier than you plan, by prepping ahead of time! An old-fashioned picnic basket of turkey sandwiches or a zesty pasta salad is sure to please no matter how long you’ve been on the water.

Adjust your camera settings

Finally, don’t forget to adjust your camera settings if you end up staying out later than usual. For prime low light photos, opt for a higher ISO setting on your camera. This increases your device’s sensitivity to light, ensuring that your camera takes advantage of whatever brightness is around to better highlight your subject—whether it’s a fish, whale, or simple candid shot on board!

We hope that these tips help you enjoy fall on your Chaparral to the fullest!


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