5 Tips for Even Better Boat-In Camping

5 Tips for Even Better Boat-In Camping

Camping is the quintessential summer activity—one that just so happens to pair perfectly with cruising and choice on-the-water views!

When it’s time to mix up your camping routine, try boat-in camping for an even better adventure. By boating to your campsite, you can access spaces that are unreachable by car or foot alone—plus, being by the water ensures that you’ll be the first one out boarding or cruising come daylight.

Just read on as we share five simple tips for the perfect boat-in camping adventure.

Check out potential campsites

Because you will need some type of docking access for your boat-in adventure, be sure to plan ahead and check out potential campsites before your trip. If your chosen location is on a very small island or camping area, for example, you might even dock your boat at a nearby marina and then take canoes or kayaks to your campgrounds. You can also use this time to check whether your campsite is pet-friendly and what amenities (if any) it has—often times, boat-in camping is a more back-country type of experience so you’re able to connect with nature the great outdoors.

Be sure to fuel up according to the fuel “rule of thirds” before heading to your site, especially if it’s far removed from local marinas. This means having enough fuel to get to and from your campsite, as well as an additional third for backup and any water sports you have in mind.

Stock up on water and other essentials

If your selected site is more primitive, take some time to stock up on essentials! This includes snacks (you can’t go wrong with gooey s’mores and campfire classics like hot dogs), as well as plenty of H2O since there may not be drinking water nearby. Also be sure to bring along items such as sunscreen, bug repellent, hats, sunglasses and other protective gear.

Bring water toys and other activities

Now for the fun stuff! Boat-in camping is a great way to put recreation first—getting there truly is half the fun, after all, when you’re arriving by Chaparral. Bring along water sports gear like wakeboards and tubes, as well as other activities such as a ball for catch, volleyball for the beach, inflatable floats and anything else you may need.

Share spooky stories from the water

Sharing spooky stories around a campfire is a classic part of camping, so be sure to bring your best—your pirate tales, lake monster sightings and everything in between.

Pack-in, pack-out

The idea of “pack-in, pack-out” is important to all campers—but especially to boat-in campers, who may be staying the night in primitive locations (such as islands) not often visited by park crews, or serviced by waste pickup. Keep the space as beautiful as possible by bringing all of your trash with you on board to throw away back on land, or better yet, opt for re-usable materials that can come with you on your next adventure!

When it comes to camping, your Chaparral gets you even closer to the sites that are sure to take your breath away. Pack a knapsack and hit the water for an adventure you won’t forget!

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