Celebrating Our Blue Planet

Celebrating Our Blue Planet

There’s a lot to love about the ocean—the salty sea breeze. Relaxing waves. Endless blue horizons that make sunsets seem, somehow, even more breathtaking. And that’s just above the surface!

We’re sharing a few simple ways to enjoy the water today, and for many cruise days to come. Take a look.

Learn more about “The Blue Planet”

Why not take some time to learn about the big blue expanse? For example…

  • About 70 percent of the planet is covered by oceans.
  • The longest mountain range on Earth is not the Rockies, nor the Andes, but the mid-ocean ridge—a largely subsurface ridge that spans over 40,000 miles and is home to most of the world’s volcanoes.
  • The Pacific Ocean’s name comes from the Latin word for “peaceful,” while the Atlantic Ocean is named for the Greek Titan Atlas who was said to hold up the world on his shoulders.
  • We have only explored about five percent of the world’s oceans! This fact alone makes the water seem that much more majestic and mystifying.

Relax by the water

In addition to learning more about the big blue ocean, be sure to enjoy it, too! Hang out by the water at your favorite beach café, indulging in fresh flavors and the cool sea breeze. Sit in the sand, scoop up some shells or just listen to the sound of the waves as they roll in—on busy days, there’s nothing that saltwater, sand and the sunshine can’t fix!

Head offshore

If you’re lucky enough to live by the ocean (or simply crave a vacation), head offshore and enjoy the water from your Chaparral! Whether you go fishing or simply cruise along the coastline, it’s our favorite way to relax. (As a quick tip, if you usually cruise lakes, be sure to remember to rinse off your hull to prevent any corrosion from the saltwater.)

Visit a nearby island or sandbar

The ocean is home to a variety of landscapes—so take some time to explore something new! It might be a quiet cove or a close-to-shore sandbar where you can kick back with friends. Or perhaps there’s an idyllic island you’ve always wanted to explore. Wherever you roam, you’re sure to enjoy the gentle swells and sweet scent of saltwater all around. There’s just nothing like it.

Participate in a beach cleanup

Many coastal communities rally together and clean up beaches across the globe. See if a city near you is participating, or organize a cleanup yourself! It’s a great way to show some love to the ocean and the critters who call it “home.” To avoid the problem of trash flying away in the wind as you grab lunch or a picnic by the water, you can even pick up re-usable silverware and straws to enjoy on future adventures.

We hope that you enjoy ocean adventures this summer on your Chaparral!

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