Peach State Cruisin’ with Chaparral: A Sweet Adventure

Peach State Cruisin’ with Chaparral: A Sweet Adventure

We’re celebrating National Peach Month the best way we know how—with a cruise around the Peach State! It's our home too—the Chaparral Boats corporate campus is located in Nashville, Georgia!

Down in Georgia, the water views you’ll meander past are about as sweet as the stone fruit that grows here. Whether your style is inland lake adventures or open ocean cruising, this state’s got something for you—something special. You just need to know where to look.

Read on as we take a virtual cruise of the Peach State, highlighting a few of our favorite stops along the way. Take a look!

Lake Lanier

We’re kicking off our Peach State cruise with a stop at Lake Lanier. Located north of Atlanta, this expansive lake is one of the largest in Georgia—and certainly one of the most beloved. It’s a top spot for rafting up with friends, boating out to Sunset Cove and relaxing to music and the endless sunshine. Its central channels offer plenty of room for leisurely cruising or taking up water sports fun. Of course, for those who love to get close to the water, Lake Lanier’s unique shape—with dozens of small creeks jutting out from the center—offers ample opportunities for kayaking or canoeing among the bright blue water. With an abundance of islands scattered throughout the lake, too, your Lanier adventure might just end up feeling more like a Caribbean getaway in the end (though we’re not complaining!).

Lake Oconee

Another pristine destination, Lake Oconee, is worth a visit as you make your way south toward Georgia’s gorgeous barrier islands. When you think Oconee, think “luxury.” Beautiful homes and golf clubs surround the water, adding an air of elegance to your shoreline cruise. When the long, narrow lake meanders through to the Oconee National Forest, you’re treated to a picturesque back-to-nature escape—a world of rolling hills, brilliant lakeside foliage, wood retreats and sparkling waterfalls that make you feel as though you’ve stumbled upon something truly special. Indeed, you have!

Tybee Island

Now we’re moving onto the island escapes off Georgia’s southeast coast, where we find a Savannah-area escape in the form of Tybee Island. A popular beach destination, the island offers a chance to “get away” without getting too far away from the charm and culture that Savannah and the surrounding area have to offer. Must-do attractions include Tybee’s famous pier, a familiar sight perfect for framing your sunrise photos or going for a round of fishing before you continue your cruise south.

St. Catherines Island

The quiet charm of St. Catherines is another gem of the Georgia barrier islands—though its population is an exclusive one! The interior of the island is reserved for wildlife, including the social ring-tailed lemurs, the only free-ranging group outside of their native Madagascar. They were first brought to the island in 1984 for behavioral studies and, since then, they’ve made themselves at home among the deer, hogs, shorebirds and other wildlife who call St. Catherines “home.” Cruising by the island, or soaking up some time on the shoreline, is a great way to get to know another side of Georgia’s thriving island scene.

Cumberland Island

Speaking of wildlife, we can’t forget the beloved Cumberland Island, Georgia’s southernmost stop and a brilliant expanse of wild sands, colonial relics, driftwood digs and—of course—a population of wild horses, for which the island is perhaps most famous. They were said to have been brought here by Spanish explorers, who brought the original horses along to the “New World” on their earliest voyages here. Since then, they’ve stuck around, much to the delight of visitors who can boat to the island and, perhaps, catch a glimpse of the horses in action. It’s a way to see nature at its very best, untouched state, against the backdrop of rolling waves, salt in the air, and a serene maritime atmosphere throughout.

Filled out your itinerary yet? If you’re in search of the perfect end-of-summer getaway, cruising the Peach State this Peach Month just makes sense!

But there’s no need to rush. Thanks to their southern locale, many of our favorite Georgia waterways will stay warm and sunny long past Labor Day, giving you ample time to make your way over and enjoy the view.





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