Turning Your Chaparral into the Ultimate Swimming Station

Turning Your Chaparral into the Ultimate Swimming Station

Wide open ocean escapes. Lakeside hideaways. Dreamy, crystal-clear springs.

Your Chaparral gets you to the best of the best swimming spots with ease—you just need to get it ready for the adventure!

In today’s blog, we’re sharing a few simple ways to turn your own Chaparral into a swim-friendly starting point for all your summer adventures to come. Take a look!

Jump in with ease

Your Chaparral is built to suit your swimming needs, with models featuring either a transom lounge or swim platform where you can sit, relax, and—when the time is right—jump right into the water, no slips necessary. The presence of these platforms (which are designed to handle the naturally slick texture of the water) also makes it easier than ever to make room for on-board entertaining and water fun, without having to mix the two up in a potentially slippery mess. You’ve got two convenient zones to work with, adding to the versatile nature of your ride.

Take advantage of built-in storage options

With spacious storage lockers built right into the transom, there’s no need to leave your goggles and favorite water gear at home. Toss in a snorkeling mask, or some dry clothes for the post-swim snack—either way, this is a convenient feature you’ll want to use on every trip! And, again, keeping your swim gear here can make getting in and out of the water that much easier, since you won’t have to carry dripping gear across the deck.

Find your niche on the water

One of the best ways to secure your perfect swimming spot is to get to your destination early, then scope out a comfy spot you’ll want to unwind in (maybe one with some shade!). As always, steer clear of other boaters and water sport adventurers on the water so that you can enjoy a more peaceful swim.

Set the perfect atmosphere

Speaking of that perfect swim—set the perfect atmosphere to go along with it! One of the best ways you can do this is with a playlist of your selection (with island style songs, summer pop hits, oldies, whatever you want—you name it). Play it over your transom speakers so you don’t need to worry about fumbling with a portable speaker or getting it wet. Just set your music and enjoy!

We hope that these tips help you achieve a cool, refreshing experience on the water. If you’re searching for a new boat of your own, call us today or use our online shopping tools to craft a boat that’s uniquely suited to your on-the-water style.







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