10 Tips for Fall on Your Chaparral

10 Tips for Fall on Your Chaparral

For boaters, the fall season offers no shortage of opportunities to enjoy—new vistas to see, things to do and memories to make with loved ones by your side.
The transitional period from those long, lazy days of summer (the sort that felt near neverending), to the cold of winter is one to cherish: a delightful “in-between” period that is worth enjoying on your Chaparral! Read on as we share our top 10 tips for getting ready for the season ahead.

Switch up your itinerary

Many boaters might think that fall, and cooler weather, signals an end to boating fun for the year—but it’s simply not true! Short of your favorite lake freezing over, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the brisk weather and change of scenery from your boat.
Enjoying fall to the fullest is simply a matter of switching up your itinerary. If your weekend trip usually takes you to the nearest cove for swimming and splashing around under the sun, for example, why not take a day trip to see fall colors take over shoreline foliage?
If you’re used to offshore fishing, try sticking closer to shore, angling your local lake for the thrilling challenge of the annual fall turnover?
There are lots of ways to enjoy the water in an all-new way this fall. 

Rediscover your stomping grounds

Just as your on-the-water activities may change at this time of year, so do your favorite waterways themselves. As you boat, keep in mind that some lakes may start their annual drawdown in the weeks and months ahead. This process involves lowering the water level of a lake or reservoir to protect the shore from erosion and other seasonal impacts. While it doesn’t always impede boating entirely (and can be done in stages—so that the lake’s level is lowered gradually, and not all at once), it is still worth knowing when and where a drawdown is happening so that you can plan accordingly.

Stay fueled up

On a similar note, marinas may prepare for the colder months ahead by limiting amenities and resources, such as fuel. You’ll still be able to fuel up, but your options may be fewer than they were in the summer, so take the time to get some gas whenever you’re able.

Create a cozy space

Now for the fun stuff! We love preparing our homes for the fall season by introducing cozy elements and enjoying our favorite warm, familiar comfort foods. Get your boat ready for the season, too, by bringing some blankets on board for leisurely day-to-night cruising. It also can’t hurt to bring along some warm, dry clothes to keep stored in case you get wet while on the water!

Don't skimp on sun protection

Though the weather may be cooler, the sun is still shining as strong as ever. Don’t forget to use sun protection like hats, sunglasses, long t-shirts and, of course, sunscreen on your exposed skin when enjoying time outside.  

Switch your style

Layered clothing is smart all year long, but especially during the tricky transitional period of summer to fall, when the weather can seem warm and sunny one minute… then cool and blustery the next! To prepare for the ever-changing weather, switch up your style by incorporating a base layer, insulating layer and outer layer into every outfit. That might mean donning a long-sleeve tee but bringing along a cozy fleece sweater and larger jacket or windbreaker for protection against the elements. Also, if the weather is too cold for your traditional flip flops look, simply switch out your sandals for a good pair of no-slip boat shoes.

Stock up on seasonal sportswear...

Speaking of style… we’ve got everything you need to get suited up! Hop onto the Chaparral Sportswear page to pick out casual, comfy long-sleeve tees, comfy fleece hoodies, packable pullovers, heavy-duty jackets and everything else you need to transition your Chaparral look from summer to fall. 

...and cool-weather treats

If you’ve got a microwave on board, you can’t go wrong by stocking up on cool-weather treats like hot cocoa packets or delicious, comfort-food soups that can be enjoyed from a thermos while cruising. Now is also a great time to whip out your favorite baked recipes—nothing goes better with a fall day on the water than warm pumpkin bread, muffins and other seasonal treats for all to share and enjoy. 

Plan out your boat show itinerary

Boat show season is on its way! The cool winter weather brings us indoors, stirring up our frenzy for anything boat or water-related. You may still be enjoying time on the water—the boat shows of winter a distant thought in your mind—but fall is still an apt time to plan out your fall boat show itinerary. Scope out the places you’d most like to visit, and be sure to check back with ChaparralBoats.com to stay in-the-know for upcoming shows. 

Get your boat ready for the winter

Again, there’s still plenty of fall boating to enjoy! But by the tail-end of the season, as we head closer to winter, it will be helpful to keep your winterization routine in mind if you live in a cold climate. In its simplest form, winterization is all about cleaning your boat, prepping fuel with a stabilizer and working to ensure that your boat is ready and good-to-go for the brief break ahead. But you’ll be back on the water before you know it. Ready for fall? We hope these tips help you get even more out of the season ahead.

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