Savor More Daylight Time on the Water

Savor More Daylight Time on the Water

Daylight Savings has given us another hour of light and we think it’ll put a spring in your step., both on and off the water.

With sunnier skies at the end of the day, your cruising adventures and breezy on-the-water antics just got that much better. Read on as we share a few of our favorite ways to celebrate the time change!

Sleep in

The first step to enjoying all that extra sunlight? Sleep in! While we love Daylight Savings season for its ability to extend our afternoon adventures, we do lose an hour of sleep when the clocks “spring” forward. Make up for it by enjoying a leisurely morning. Sleep in, then head to your favorite waterfront brunch spot for a breezy, easygoing meal. You can even find a restaurant that offers dock-and-dine “parking” so that you can spend as much time on the water as possible. By kicking off Daylight Savings with a laidback day on the water, we think you’re setting yourself up for a seriously special season ahead.

Enjoy dinner on the water

There’s nothing better than a delicious dinner al fresco, especially when you’re dining on the water! But if it’s been too dark lately to truly enjoy your dinner, Daylight Savings has you covered. Invite a few friends for a casual get-together on board, or plan something special for you and your loved one—either way, with the sun setting a little later, you will be able to enjoy even more laughs, conversations and memories that will linger long after you return to shore.

Go wakeboarding after work

Who says on-the-water fun is only for the weekends? With Daylight Savings Time, you can enjoy your favorite water sports and activities in the middle of the week, since you have more time in the late afternoon and evening to spend on the water. So do what you always said you’d do with more time—practice your wakeboarding skills, try a new move on your skis, or visit the waterfront café you’ve always wondered about! Extra sunshine means that your workday routine can be, well, a little less routine.

Explore your outdoor office

Even on those days when you have projects or tasks to catch up on, you can still enjoy the great outdoors. Turn your local waterfront spot into an outdoor office! Whether you’re reading a book or searching for inspiration for a creative endeavor, spending time in the sun can help you get the job done without being at your desk all evening long.

Have fun with Fido

You’re not only one who benefits from extra sunlight in the evening—Fido does, too! Your four-legged friend will be happy to spend even more time outside this spring. Take your pup to an aquatic dog park where she can run, splash around, play catch and indulge in the sunshine, or spend some time simply cruising!

Go fishing

Many anglers will agree that fishing at dusk, especially in the springtime, is a great way to land more catches—so try it out! As they prepare for nighttime, fish will go into a feeding frenzy, so you might just notice an increase in bites by hitting the water at this time. With dusk falling even later now, you have more time to plan for some choice evening fishing without needing to rush straight from work to the water.

Spruce up your space

If you’re planning to spend more time on the water during Daylight Savings, why not spruce up your space on board? Adding new pillows to your bow or cockpit lounge area, battery-powered lights or other decorative flourishes can help you turn your Chaparral into a prime entertaining space—perfect for warm, sunny evenings where you want to soak up every last second of fun on the water.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate Daylight Savings? Whether you’re excited to enjoy a cozy sunset dinner on board, or simply add an hour to your wakeboarding routine, your Chaparral is the perfect place to soak in that extra sunlight.

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