This Year, Chaparral Boaters Are Thankful For...

This Year, Chaparral Boaters Are Thankful For...

There’s a lot to be thankful for this holiday—especially as boaters! Though a list covering it all would stretch longer than all the world’s rivers and streams combined, we thought we would give it a try, anyway.

In honor of Thanksgiving, here are just a few of the big things (and little things, too) that we’re thankful for as Chaparral boaters. Take a look and add to the list with your own items of gratitude!

Learning new things on the water

There’s nothing like picking up a new skill—a 180 on your wakeboard, a new technique for landing a monster cat—to make your time on the water ever-exciting. You’ll never fall into the same old routine when you make an effort to learn new skills and activities every time you hit the water!

Teaching, too

Of course, it’s equally enjoyable to teach new skills to somebody—a close friend, or perhaps a family member you’re teaching the tradition of boating. It lets you pass on all you love about cruising, and watch, proud, as they learn to love it, too.

Quality time

On land, it can be hard to “disconnect” from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to avoid distractions that let you truly live in the moment. We’re thankful that boating (on your favorite lake or far offshore) gives you the chance to get away and enjoy some peaceful, easygoing quality time with the people who matter most.

The thrill of the water

They say “you can’t step in the same river twice…” and we think you can’t boat the same water twice, too. The flow of the H2O, the subtle changes in temperature, sunlight, tide, and water-dwelling critters make for a unique experience every time. And we love it.

Never-ending cruises

You know those trips when you feel like you could keep on cruising, pretty much forever? With the setting sun the only indicator that it’s time to head back to shore—and sometimes, not even then? We’re thankful for those long, lazy runs on the water.


We’re thankful for those picturesque, glowing swirls of color we call “sunrise”—the reward for an early start to any cruise or fishing trip—and the activity that stirs up in the water below at the first sign of light.


Equally beautiful are sunsets, especially when you’re boating facing the western horizon where you can watch, in awe, as the last bit of daylight disappears from sight in colorful, hazy, photo-worthy fashion. (It’s no coincidence that this “golden hour” is often the best for grabbing gorgeous photos of your time on the water!)

Four-legged friends

Company is always great to have on a boat trip—especially in the form of our four-legged friends who love to prance around on board, splash into the water and enjoy the day with you.

New boats…

We’re thankful for the thrill of finding the brand-new boat of your dreams, and getting to treat family and friends to excursions all weekend long.

… and old ones, too

We’re just as thankful, of course, for the family boats—the ones that have served the crew with years of memories, laughs, photos and stories to tell long after returning to land.

Waterfront cafes

There’s nothing like working up an appetite on the water, only to cruise up to a delicious waterfront café that satisfies your appetite with ease. Whether it’s a lux oceanfront spot or a cozy hole-in-the-wall venue, we can’t get enough of these fuel-up spots.

Friendly faces

We love making friends on the water—even if it’s as simple as a fellow boater who helps you launch, or passes on helpful information on where the fish are biting.

Island time

We like how the concept of time gets a little more flexible on the water—when you hit the surface of your favorite lake or ocean spot, and can relax knowing you don’t have to stick to a schedule… there’s nothing better.

The people we’re cruising with

More than anything, we’re thankful for the people we go cruising with—our family and friends who become like family through the endlessly connective power of the water. There’s something about boating that can’t help but bring people together, and we love it.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? We want to know! Share your thoughts and, of course, have a very safe, happy and enjoyable holiday season from the team at Chaparral.

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