The Mystery of the Baltic Sea

The Mystery of the Baltic Sea

At the bottom of the Baltic Sea lies an anomaly—a large circular object, 200 feet across, undisturbed and unmoved since it was first discovered in 2011.

What is this unfamiliar object doing at the bottom of the ocean—especially, in such cold, isolated surroundings?

It’s a mystery that scientists are still not sure about. In today’s blog, we’re taking a closer look at this unique find—and offering a few ideas as to what it might be!

An intriguing discovery

In 2011, the Ocean X Diving Team from Sweden dove into a northern patch of the Baltic Sea in search of a shipwreck—what they ended up finding, of course, was something much more interesting!

The team stumbled upon a large, metallic-looking object with an appearance similar to that of rough granite. With a thickness of up to 13 feet, and diameter that spans 200 feet, Ocean X was puzzled—what could it be? The fact that the object rested on a pillar-like structure, almost 300 feet below the surface, added to the mystery.

Possible explanations

As is the case with all great mysteries—from Stonehenge to the Bermuda Triangle—there are a number of theories as to what the object could be.        They include…

  • A natural structure. The most widely accepted explanation for the Baltic Sea mystery is, of course, a natural one. Many have suggested that the structure could simply be a rock outcrop—granted, one with an oddly circular shape! Two Swedish geologists, Fredrik Klingberg and Martin Jakobsson, posited that the composition of materials found at the site was similar to those from seabed nodules, adding to the idea that there was nothing amiss about the underwater structure.
  • An old anti-submarine device. One theory, suggested by a former Swedish naval officer, states that the structure looked similar to the anti-submarine devices used by Germany during World War II.
  • An alien spaceship. While there’s nothing immediately suggestive of “extraterrestrial” materials or markings on the structure, it’s become a theory nonetheless thanks to the mysterious, saucer-shaped nature of the object. Some have even noted that the structure looks similar to the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars!

Natural rock, old submarine, or something less terrestrial—what do you think? Let us know below!

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