Watauga Lake: A Fall Boater’s Dream

  • Watauga Lake: A Fall Boater’s Dream
  • Watauga Lake: A Fall Boater’s Dream
  • Watauga Lake: A Fall Boater’s Dream

For a quiet fall escape that’s far from ordinary, an expansive lake nestled in Tennessee’s Appalachian Mountains might be just the ticket. For locals and visitors alike, Watauga Lake is a must-do summer destination—but by the time fall rolls around, it’s a pristine model of just how enchanting (and colorful!) the lake’s surroundings can become with the change of season.

With less visitors around at this time of year, you have the chance to enjoy time on your Chaparral in an unspoiled spot surrounded by rolling mountains and vivid fall colors. Read on to see what’s so special about this mountain lake.

A lake made for boaters…

While Watauga Lake may not have technically been made with boaters in mind, its design lends itself to fun on the water! In the 1940s, the lake (technically a reservoir) was designed to serve as flood protection and a source of hydropower.

So what makes Watauga Lake a top spot for boaters? The lake’s shape and size play a big factor—at more than 16 miles long, and with over a hundred miles of shoreline, there’s plenty of space to spread out, try new sports or cruise along with tubers in tow.

…built with nature in mind

Another key detail of Watauga Lake is the material it was built with. Instead of manmade materials, the reservoir that forms the lake we know and love today was designed with earthen materials. This choice made the lake feel more like a part of the natural landscape, which is a big bonus for travel boaters!

Your chance to get away—if only for a day

There’s nothing wrong with boating by a bustling big city—but when you need a break from busy waterways, Watauga Lake is the place to be! Surrounded by the Appalachians, it’s already removed from everyday distractions—and since the lake is only accessible via mountain roads, it’s that much closer to the back-to-nature experience you’ve been missing. Spending time on the lake while enjoying the crisp autumn air and change of lakeside scenery is a treasured fall
experience worth having more than once.

Have you ever been to Watauga Lake? Be sure to let us know and share your stories! Also, if you're in the area make sure to visit our dealer Rockingham Marina (http://www.rockinghammarina.com/) in nearby Johnson City!

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