Finding Home on Lake Huron

Finding Home on Lake Huron

Have you ever been on an island on a lake on an island… on a lake?

It might be a tongue twister, but it’s also one of the best ways to describe the oddity that awaits at Lake Huron.

This aquatic paradise boasts the longest shoreline in all of the Great Lakes. Its water ranges from enticing, powder-blue hues (the likes of which you might find in the Caribbean) to rich royal shades reminiscent of your favorite offshore fishing spot. Its allure extends between two countries and an endless collection of islands, lakeside towns and natural vistas to explore—so why not do just that?

Read on as we take a virtual tour of this one-of-a-kind Great Lake.

Layers on layers of aquatic fun

One thing’s for sure—Lake Huron isn’t just a one-day destination.

There are, for example, too many islands—too many big islands—in the lake to ever be able to truly experience them all when you’re in a rush. So take it easy! And perhaps, on your visit, check out Manitoulin Island on the Canadian side of the lake. The largest freshwater island in the world, it provides an immersive experience of its own. Lush vegetation spans over rocky cliffs that provide an amazing view of the island—especially worthwhile is the Cup and Saucer Trail, a hiker’s favorite—and you’ll find yourself forgetting that you’re on a lake at all.

In fact, you can even take it a step further. Spend some time exploring Lake Manitou or Lake Mindemoya, each rich and expansive as your favorite lakes from home. On the latter, you’ll find an aptly-named Treasure Island, the largest “island-on-a-lake-on-an-island-on-a-lake.” It might be a mouthful, but it’s also a spot replete with cozy cottages and a charming, untouched coast worth cruising around or seeing up close.

Exploring a famous arch…

Head down to the Michigan side of Lake Huron (the fingertip of the “mitten” shape formed by the state) to continue the fun. Mackinac (said “mack-in-aw”) Island is a beloved boating spot, a worthy pit-stop to your cruising adventure with resorts, historical architecture and plenty of delicious waterfront restaurants to enjoy. You can stick close to the shore and go paddling or simply soak up some sun, or venture off on your own for fast-paced adventures (think wakeboarding, waterskiing and all the other water sports the Great Lakes are known for).

And of course, when you’re craving a change of pace, you can do that, too. While Mackinac Island is filled with things to do and see, especially during the summer months, it has its rustic touches, too, and spots seemingly unspoiled by development—perfect for relaxing and exploring nature. One such spot is the Mackinac Island Arch, located on the island’s southeast tip. You can ogle at the striking limestone arch from the water, or explore on land—or both! The island’s lush landscape, paired with the impressive view of the arch, makes for a great photo.

… or searching for prehistoric treasures

For a ready-made souvenir you’ll have fun finding, seek out some natural treasures from Mackinac and other Huron beaches’ shores! One especially interesting stone to bring home is the Petoskey Stone, a relic of Huron’s prehistoric past. Of course, this natural treasure—made of fossilized coral—is just one of many sights to search for on your journey!

Shift your perspective

When exploring Lake Huron, don’t forget to shift your perspective. The lake is certainly beautiful, but the skies can be equally impressive and worth watching! From the water or a comfy island camping spot, you can see a beautiful sunrise one day then cross around and catch the sunset, too.

If you find yourself by the water at nighttime, keep your eyes peeled for even more natural allure. Even after the vivid hues of sunset have swirled away, there’s always the chance of spotting the northern lights as they flicker above Mackinac Bridge (as they have very recently!).
With so much to do and see, feeling at-home on Lake Huron is easy. As the weather starts to warm up, hop onto your Chaparral and see what this beloved getaway is all about.


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