Discover One-of-a-Kind Homes on the Water

Discover One-of-a-Kind Homes on the Water

As the sun sets, you’ve landed your last wake trick of the day and pack up to head home, you may find yourself dreaming—what if home was on the water?

For boaters who just can’t get enough H2O time, one-of-a-kind waterfront homes provide the perfect solution. And some of them are seriously stylish. Take a look below as we visit the neighborhoods that are just as perfect for exploring as they are for calling “home.”

Stilt homes of the Florida Keys

As you drive or cruise down the Florida Keys, you’ll begin to notice homes with a uniquely coastal character—often flaunting bright, pastel hues that feel at home in the sunny Keys. Some of these homes, especially located in Upper Keys spots like Key Largo, stand tall on stilts! This unique architectural feature helps waterfront homes deal with everyday exposure to the ocean, as well as storm surge and other aspects of tropical weather.

Seattle’s famous houseboats

If you’ve seen “Sleepless in Seattle,” you’re probably familiar with Seattle’s famous houseboats, similar to the one owned by Tom Hanks’ character in that movie! You’ll be pleased to know that these homes are far from fiction—in fact, you can find many charming houseboats (which are more “house” than “boat”) permanently docked along Lake Union’s shores. They help create a truly unique backdrop for sightseeing cruisers, and are sure to work up a daydream or two as you dream about moving in. What would it be like to have Lake Union and all its cruising splendor as your backyard? Work out the details as you cruise, kayak or paddleboard this one-of-a-kind lake. And even if you don’t call this lake “home” just yet, you can still make it your home away from home by cruising in the comfort of your Chaparral!

Miami’s mansion-yacht hybrid, Arkup

Miami’s luxurious shoreline is a longtime favorite of cruisers, and now they have a new reason to visit the Magic City—a floating houseboat called Arkup. At $5.5 million, this newly designed hybrid blends the best of classic Miami modernism with the practical needs of on-the-water living. The house is designed to rise up on stilts, or sit on the surface, depending on the water and weather conditions. It’s eco-friendly, too, with solar panels and a stern pool platform that lowers into the water whenever you want a swim.

OFF on the River Seine

Paris’ beloved River Seine is known for its beauty and romantic air, perfect for leisurely dinner cruises and a luxurious look at the Parisian waterfront. The OFF Hotel and Bar gives you the chance to enjoy it all in style—floating style, that is. The city’s first floating hotel gives guests the chance to wake up, wind down and fall in love with the backdrop of the idyllic waterfront setting.

IJburg, Amsterdam

Because so much of the Netherlands is below sea level, residents and visitors alike need a practical way to get around. Amsterdam’s famous canal system is part of the solution—and now, an innovative village called IJburg is, too. The development is made up of homes on artificial islands where residents can come home and dock their boat in an on-the-water “driveway,” an ultra-modern solution to living on the water.

The most important rule of real estate is “location, location, location,” and these destinations prove that old axiom perfectly. Whether you’re moving in or just cruising by for a visit, the views are sure to please!

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