#Trashtag: Helping the Marine Environment

#Trashtag: Helping the Marine Environment

From #TBT to #SelfieSunday, social media is filled with fun ways to share your photos—and, once in a while, to do some good, too.

Enter #Trashtag. You might have noticed the hashtag trending in the last few weeks—if not, we’ve got you covered! The idea is pretty simple. Simply head outdoors, grab a few helpers and pick up trash to help spruce up your surroundings—then snap a photo tagged #Trashtag to inspire others to do the same.

Read on as we get to know this social, eco-conscious trend, as well as some of the ways you can help the environment from your Chaparral this spring.

Master the #Trashtag

Wondering how to tackle #Trashtag? One of the best ways to start is to simply be aware of your surroundings! We’ve all been on boat trips where we notice a river bank, waterfront park or shoreline that could use some sprucing up—perhaps that spot is in need of additional trash cans, or the surge of spring break travelers has left more litter than normal. It could be a spot you’ve simply stumbled upon, or one that has some special meaning to you (maybe it’s where you first went swimming or launched your boat!).

Whatever the case may be, simply identify that spot and recruit a few friends or family members to help get the job done. You can wear gloves and bring pick-up sticks to make the job even easier—and, of course, plenty of bags. Even on well-maintained beaches, trash can sometimes get lost in bushes and other plants, so these hard-to-get-to spots might be the best place to start. Snap a “before” and an “after” to truly capture the extent of your hard work! And, of course, be sure to drink plenty of water and slather on the sunscreen as you work. After all is said and done, reward yourself with lunch at a favorite waterfront café, or jump into the cool water to relax and recharge!

Go green on your Chaparral

What makes it so easy to share in the #Trashtag fun, and other eco-friendly efforts, on your Chaparral? For one thing, your boat gets you to places that other people may not be able to access—small islands, for example, that might be missed by traditional cleanup services. You can also help do your part by practicing “leave no trace” cruising and camping, which basically means that you leave your destination exactly the same way as you found it.

For us cruisers, we also have a special connection to the environment. Life on the water simply wouldn’t be the same without gorgeous coastal landscapes to call your home away from home, and friendly wildlife that make an appearance every once in a while. Keeping our shorelines clear of debris makes the experience safer and more enjoyable for us all.

Every Chaparral adventure offers the chance to have some fun and care for the environment along the way! Plus, by going green on the water, your favorite cruising route is sure to look its best for many trips to come.

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