A Look Ahead at the Southampton Boat Show

A Look Ahead at the Southampton Boat Show

If you’re anywhere near Southern England this September, you’ll want to stop by the highly-anticipated Southampton Boat Show! Kicking off on September 16th and lasting all the way through the 25th, this year’s show promises to be special—attendees will even have a chance to break a world record!

We’re looking at a few fun features of the show below.

Break a world record

That’s right—like we mentioned, attending this year’s show will give you a chance to break a world record! The current world record for largest human image of a boat is at 323 participants, and this year’s organizers want to try it with 400. You can be one of those 400 by heading to the show’s festival stage at Solent Park on the 24th at 11 am, where participants will don colorful ponchos, assemble into the shape of a boat, and have their photo taken from above. This is a fun, one-of-a-kind opportunity you don’t want to miss out on!

Watch your kids “Get Afloat” …

On The Water’s “Get Afloat” attraction is geared at providing kids aged 8 through 16 with a chance to experience the thrill of fun on the water, through free dinghy sailing and stand-up paddle boarding sessions. You’ll be able to watch as your child makes their way through the water, and they may even find a new passion in the process!

…or learn about marine careers for them

The show’s Careers Day—which kicks off at the festival stage at 11 am on the 20th—will give your child a valuable opportunity to learn about marine industry careers. Participants will be able to learn an informative film about these careers, as well as an industry talk and plenty of interesting facts for your child to head home with.

Get to know the British sailing team

You watched them in the Olympics—now see the British sailing team in person! Members of the team will be present at the show’s opening ceremony to help usher in the events and celebrate the spirit of the show, in which a love of boating is first and foremost.

Explore Artemis

If you have a passion for maritime history—or just want to marvel at one of Europe’s most famous and beautifully-built tall ships—be sure to enjoy a tour of the Artemis at this year’s show. You and your family will be able to explore the boat in and out, seeing its intricate woodwork and luxurious velvet upholstery throughout. You won’t just be getting a deluxe experience—you’ll be able to meet with the crew and learn more about this maritime marvel, too!

Chaparral will be at the show, too, with our local dealer Ideal Boat—so be sure to stop by and check us out! It’s bound to be a great show week for all, whether you’re in the market for a new boat or simply want to brush up your boating skills and technique.

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