Overnight Stays in Your Chaparral: No Reservations Required

  • Overnight Stays in Your Chaparral: No Reservations Required
  • Overnight Stays in Your Chaparral: No Reservations Required
  • Overnight Stays in Your Chaparral: No Reservations Required

You won't need hotel reservations or a room key to access comfy, luxurious accommodations on your next vacation--when you travel with a Chaparral, you've already "booked" the perfect room right on board!

There's something undeniably cool about spending a night or two on the water--especially when you consider just how close you are to adventures and on-the-water intrigue, from the moment you wake up.

See how to best enjoy this one-of-a-kind adventure in today's blog.

Pull into a good spot

You already have a "room," so to speak, to kick back in and stay the night--it's your Chaparral! Now you just have to decide where to pull into for your overnight stay. A great option is to plan ahead and find a marina or other overnight spot near a body of water you plan to travel the next day, so you don't need to drive or navigate somewhere unnecessarily out-of-the-way. When it comes to choosing the actual marina, choose one with an atmosphere you enjoy and, when possible, easy walkable access to amenities like showers, a place to eat, and maybe even fun attractions you plan to check out during your trip.

Finally, for families traveling with dogs or young kids, having some grassy space nearby (whether at a local park or on the waterfront itself) is a great way to have fun and work out vacation restlessness before turning in for the night.

Pack only what you'll need

It's a no-brainer--don't overpack--but a tip that is constantly thwarted by our efforts to plan ahead. Think of it this way--you'll likely be staying near waterfront destinations with nearby grocery stores, restaurants, and plenty of gift shops. So forgetting something essential like a change of clothes or your flip flops won't throw your vacation off track!

But still, the question remains--what do you bring? For those who plan to spend lots of their trip time on the water, the most obvious essential (beside a swimsuit!) would be dry, comfy clothes that don't need any special attention to look good. Think wrinkle-free, moisture-wicking fabrics. Also be sure to pack activities for young travelers like puzzles, books, and other small, easy-to-pack items.

Get to know your galley

Your galley and on-deck entertaining space will be your best friend on your overnight trips! If your model comes with options such as an electric stove or open-air gas grill, you can craft meals on board (like kebabs or even tasty seafood pasta dishes). If not, you can count on your galley fridge and microwave to provide you with an easy way to store perishables or reheat frozen meals prepared at home.

When it comes time to dine, retreat to deck and kick back by the wet bar. It's an on-the-water vacation, so experience what it means to truly "live" on the water--if only for a few nights!

Spread out

Your Chaparral is carefully designed to make large family outings--including overnight trips--a breeze. On models such as those in the Signature series, evening downtime activities like laying under the setting sun, listening to music on deck, or reclining at the transom can be enjoyed simultaneously before it's time for bed.

Look ahead

With the right spot and some resourcefulness (in the way of a watercraft tent, for example), you can turn any vessel into an overnight getaway. But if living on the water for several nights at a time is a favorite activity of yours (and you want to do it more in the future), now is a great time to consider upgrading your boat and finding a model that facilitates on-the-water stays with comfort in mind. And, it's not just our cruisers! Our 337SSX has a cabin, and we have several other models that can be comfortably camped-on.  

We can help you find a model that improves upon your overnight getaways in the future--just stop by a local dealer to get more information!

Forget about catching the hotel shuttle on time--whether you're in San Diego or the Florida Keys, this is the best way to soak up the spirit of your destination (and get closer to the water you love!).

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