April 2018 Blog Archive

A Grand Escape on the Rio Grande
A Grand Escape on the Rio Grande You might know the Rio Grande best from the song that goes “…just like that river twisting through a dusty land…” However, do you know about its scenic stretches of painted, scrub-lined vistas, as well as aquatic oasis that break up the landscape in ... Read More

Cruisin’ Kerr Lake
Cruisin’ Kerr Lake Two states. 50,000 acres. A million things to explore – Kerr Lake’s “big” reputation is one rightfully earned, a testament to its abundance of opportunities for every kind of cruiser, camper, and outdoor adventurer. Take a look as we explore the ins ... Read More

The Universal Language of Boating
The Universal Language of Boating As you gear up to globe-trot for exciting spring and summer excursions, read up on the universal language of boating – its pervasive influence, and how to make on‐the‐water adventures easier than ever to enjoy. Read More

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